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Philippine Tour Operators Association
Association Story

The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), Inc. is an organization of tour operators and allied members actively involved in the advocacy of responsible tourism. Founded on 12 June 1986, non-stock and non-profit organization. The membership includes travel agencies, hotel, resorts, transportation companies, handicraft stores, and other tourism-oriented establishments and association.

Philippine Travel Mart

The Philippine Travel Mart (PTM), started purely as an exhibition aimed to boost the trade and consumer market with the support of the Department of Tourism, embraced its mandate in 1994 when the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) took responsibility for organizing, managing, and operating its flagship project, the PTM. Since then, the PTM has grown to become the longest-running and most exciting interactive exposition of Philippine destinations, offering new surprises each year.

Our Mission

The Philippines leading inbound and domestic tourism association with global networks, actively contributing to national economic growth.

Our Vision

We forge national and global affiliations and alliances with tourism-related associations and organizations that enhance and promote domestic and inbound Philippine tourism. Providing our members with dynamic and proactive education and training, product development, programs & fellowship, ways and means and networking in tourism, we work closely and cooperatively with our industry partners for the common good of Philippine Tourism. We practice highest ethical standards and Corporate Social Responsibility and are advocates of responsible tourism.

Our Goal

Encourage and foster nationwide extensions; To pursue an active role in product development (emerging Destinations); To strive for international recognition and affiliations; Upgrade industry knowledge through education /workshop; Conduct national information campaign on relevant issues; Develop active members though participation and Involvement in team-building activities; Develop and update database; To revise and amend the By-Laws to conform to the needs of the times. Encourage sales mission; To address needs and concerns of members in a timely manner; Endeavour for financial sustainability

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(35th Philippine Travel Mart)

The Philippine Tour Operators Association Inc. (PHILTOA) would like to notify the public that all transactions related to the 35th Philippine Travel Mart (PTM) must be conducted exclusively through the Secretariat of PHILTOA. No third-party entities or promoters are authorized to facilitate booth reservations or any other transactions in relation to the 35th PTM.

PHILTOA will not recognize any transactions with any unauthorized person or entity and shall not be liable for any error, omission, representation or damage made with these persons or entities. Any attempts by external parties to engage in unauthorized transactions or misrepresent the event will be subject to legal action.

For official transactions, you may reach to the Secretariat of PHILTOA through its official website, www.philtoa.com, and its official https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineTourOperatorsAssociation.

PHILTOA implores the general public to immediately report unauthorized transactions to info@philtoa.com or get in touch with its representatives.