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(35th Philippine Travel Mart)

The Philippine Tour Operators Association Inc. (PHILTOA) would like to notify the public that all transactions related to the 35th Philippine Travel Mart (PTM) must be conducted exclusively through the Secretariat of PHILTOA. No third-party entities or promoters are authorized to facilitate booth reservations or any other transactions in relation to the 35th PTM.

PHILTOA will not recognize any transactions with any unauthorized person or entity and shall not be liable for any error, omission, representation or damage made with these persons or entities. Any attempts by external parties to engage in unauthorized transactions or misrepresent the event will be subject to legal action.

For official transactions, you may reach to the Secretariat of PHILTOA through its official website, www.philtoa.com, and its official https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineTourOperatorsAssociation.

PHILTOA implores the general public to immediately report unauthorized transactions to info@philtoa.com or get in touch with its representatives.